Wetenschapscafé Rotterdam

26 June 2017

Growing the brain in a petri dish

Prof. dr. Steven A. Kushner


It let's us learn, contains our words, communicates ourpain. It processes what whe see and what we hear; we are steered by our brain.


Our cruise control, our navigation. Our movement, thecentre, the transportation from... Wanting to willing, from willing to doing,from failing to gaining success: learning, evolving, it's a chemical thing: ourrelaxing and our stress.


It plays tricks on us, it shapes and swaps and blends andbends... Life stops when it ends, I can barely comprehend, it's a miracle thatwe're only able to use a couple precent.


It makes us remember, it let's us forget. It makes usremember, it let's us forget... It enables our every little step. Each stretchof the arms, each blink of an eye. It contains plans for the future and momentsgone by. It makes us remember, it let's us forget... It makes us remember, itlet's us forget... So sometimes we say things, we've already said.


Sometimes the brain gets sick and we lose everyability... And with it, our life, at least the utility. So it can't be asurprise that we try everything, to solve and to cure, to try and to bringbrainy health issues to an end... But: is it science fiction in it's core orthe evolving of care? It's not a thin line between possible and ethical,there's a whole world over there. 

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